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Thank you for visiting our website. I appreciate that you took time to surf through and know more about us. When I founded the company in 2007, the initial vision was quite small, the primary idea was to increase my income by providing simple web and software services to my immediate environment; because I was actually broke - very broke. I trekked so many times in the scorching sun through town moving from shop to shop seeking to idenfity an I.T problem I can solve. I had a deep-seated belief that although we all set out to make a difference in the world, but the first step was for me to achieve the less-lofty goal of changing my own World. As it got better, the vision enlarged, I began to see greater possibilities, I realized that the World needed our manifestation in such a larger way; and that true and lasting Success is in helping the world become better than I met it. Solving human need, using technology to improve lives and business process. It became more imperative to make a generational impact that leaves an indelible print in the sands of time.

When we started, it was quite tough, I didn't even have a computer, it didn't make sense that I wanted to provide I.T services yet I had no PC of my own, I had to borrow someone's computer and start the business from my uncle's bedroom, I had to write my name and number on a piece of paper and give to my first set of clients, because there was absolutely no funding to print call cards. I was trekking alone everywhere right there in Koforidua. The first meager income I made, I ran to the yam market to get a simple bicycle so I can travel faster around town looking for whose problems I can solve with technology and get rewarded for it even if not with money but with the satisfaction that someone showed up and made their business better.

It's been quite a refreshing journey, there's too much to tell you about how far we have come as a company; the wins, the losses, the disappointments, etc. There were several dark and gloomy moments that I was completely exasperated! It took tenacity, fortitude, faith and a sense of burden to change my World and the world of those around me. The vision eventually got bigger to affect more lives particularly that of other young and brilliant ones who needed a springboard to also grow and become financially empowered. We built a team! We began to look for problems that we can use Software to solve, and we identified opportunities that could be harnessed to help clients have a more efficient business processes.

Today, as you can see, by the grace of God we have morphed into something absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring. We are a testimony to every African youth that they can achieve success; and that one can indeed grow from zero into abundance. We continue to serve our customers with quality and be-spoke I.T solutions, ranging from website designs, interactive multimedia, to customised software development - building applications that solve the core business hurdles of the African businessman or woman.

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the work

strategic + compelling

Clear, cohesive design solutions (Web, Interactive Multimedia and Software Development )

the process

flexible + effective

Real-world thinking, comprehensive research and a design methodology that balances strategy with creativity.

the values

credibility + vision

A collaborative spirit that combines ingenuity and passion with an emphasis on solving our clients' most compelling business challenges.

the results

credibility + success

A consistent focus on helping clients grow their business through clear and effective communication

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